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Executive education at LBS is comprehensive, drawing on experiences of multinational faculty and participants. Our system of teaching ensures that participants gain management knowledge and skills, by employing the case-study method and group-work approach to learning. We believe in learning by doing.

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Authentic Leadership
Authentic Leadership Programme is a proven and practical approach for developing skills to improve climate and sustainability drive breakthrough performance.
Training on Courier
Have you ever considered a career as a courier? Intermountain Healthcare's Courier Services help Intermountain through the efficient delivery of items between Intermountain facilities. Deliveries to be made are critical to the daily operation of our facilities and the care of our patients.
Advanced HR Management Workshop
This program will strengthen and demonstrate the personal and functional attributes and competencies of effective HR functions and HR practitioners.
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Personal Effectiveness and Time Management
Time management is the pillar of personal effectiveness; personal effectiveness is the fulcrum of self-leadership, while self-leadership is the foundation of effective leadership. You cannot lead others if you cannot lead yourself, and you cannot lead yourself if you cannot be self-disciplined. Much of what defines our success in both our corporate and private lives starts from the self. Since “time waits for no one,” how do we use time efficiently so as to maximize our daily output, and also achieve the right work-life balance? Life is full of tensions and tight deadlines. We need to understand how to navigate through these daily struggles and still have room for relaxation.

Strategic Marketing for Competitive Advantage
The programme is designed to provide practitioners with strategic, marketing or commercial responsibilities – with the skills to design and implement marketing plans and framework to win in the competitive landscape

Remodeling Sales Organisation for Enhanced Productivity
This programme will provide the tools and concepts for organisations and Sales professionals to rethink their selling models to ensure continued relevance and enhance the productivity of Selling investments.

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