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Executive education at LBS is comprehensive, drawing on experiences of multinational faculty and participants. Our system of teaching ensures that participants gain management knowledge and skills, by employing the case-study method and group-work approach to learning. We believe in learning by doing.

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Most popular courses

Authentic Leadership
Authentic Leadership Programme is a proven and practical approach for developing skills to improve climate and sustainability drive breakthrough performance.
Training on Courier
Have you ever considered a career as a courier? Intermountain Healthcare's Courier Services help Intermountain through the efficient delivery of items between Intermountain facilities. Deliveries to be made are critical to the daily operation of our facilities and the care of our patients.
Advanced HR Management Workshop
This program will strengthen and demonstrate the personal and functional attributes and competencies of effective HR functions and HR practitioners.
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Newest courses

Mastering Infrastructure and Project Finance
This seminar is designed to assist investment professionals and financial analysts to fully understand the practical techniques, skills, and spreadsheet models needed to analyse, structure, negotiate, and ultimately complete successful project-backed financing.
Pricing Strategy and Tactics for ProfitabilityPricing Strategy and Tactics for Profitability
This seminar will help participants use price to achieve strategic objectives, successfully introduce new products to the market, respond to significant price competition, achieve prices that reflect the true value of their products and services. In addition, help participants to learn how to strategically manage pricing to defend or increase their profitability, even in highly competitive markets.
Post-Award Contract Management
This programme provides knowledge and skills to assure requirements in contracts are delivered, maximising value to buyer.  The focus is on setting up contract execution for success, from start-up, to ongoing performance, and close out of the business relationship between the buyer company and its supply chain partners. The aim is to identify contractual and extra-contractual mechanisms for realising the objectives of the procurement and contract strategy, and exceeding the value delivery expectations to the contracting parties.

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